Save Space in Your Lubbock, TX, Home With a Convenient Vertical Murphy Bed!

A Murphy bed is a particular type of bed designed to save space conveniently and comfortably. It is engineered to store vertically against any wall, inside a closet, or even inside a cabinet. This ensures that your Murphy bed is neatly stored when not in use, embellishing your living space without the presence of a bulky bed. This is a particularly ingenious solution if you live in a small apartment or studio and you want to optimize your space without sacrificing functionality. These beds measure just like any other conventional bed; this means that you can get a twin Murphy bed, a Queen Murphy bed, or even a King Murphy bed!

Murphy Beds Versus Regular Beds

Which One Should You Get?

Let’s be honest; not everyone will love the idea of a bed that folds into a closet or a Murphy bed cabinet. That’s just because they have never seen one in person before! Come to our showroom, and we’ll walk you through the various benefits that come with having a Dora Moss bed.

Some of the most significant benefits of having a Murphy bed over a conventional bed include:

  • It’s just as comfortable as a regular bed, but it occupies WAY less space.
  • You can design your Murphy bed just the way YOU want it!
  • You can connect your Murphy bed to a desk or even a sofa, making better usage of your living space.
  • When neatly stored, your bedroom could be used as a home office, dining room, or anything you want.

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What are you waiting for? Get a comfortable bed that will save you lots of space! If you’re anywhere near the Lubbock, TX, area, visit our showroom today, or call us to speak with one of our representatives. We have flexible financing options available!

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